Ocean Hospitality (OCH) has appointed Mr. Sven Saebel to take over the operations of the Saigon’s most exiting premium hotel – StarCity Saigon.

A supportive leader with over 16 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Saebel spends his last 12 years in Southeast Asia. Mr. Saebel is also the Director of Group Operations of Ocean Hospitality (OCH) and a concurrent member of the OCH Board of Management.

Mr. Saebel has exciting plans for StarCity Saigon and will introduce over the next weeks exciting special packages for rooms. For gourmet lovers StarCity will roll out a new menu and also will offer affordable gym memberships for those who want to get fit.

“I am certain that guests once entering StarCity Saigon will be pleasantly surprised with what they can experience in terms of service and also facilities, which is way beyond 4 star properties.”

Coming from a background of an international chain of hotels, Mr. Saebel aims to achieve an award- winning guest experience for Sunrise Hoi An and StarCity showcasing Vietnamese culture to visitors.

Within the 16 years of his career, Mr. Saebel spent 10 years in Vietnam. He worked at renowned hotels such as Caravelle Hotel, Hanoi Daewoo Hanoi, Imperial Hotel Vung Tau and Sunrise Hoi An and was most recently also promoted as Director of Group Operations of Ocean Hospitality and a member of the Board of Management.