StarCity Saigon Hotel was the last stop of the famous Korean hip hop group, Big Bang, before leaving Ho Chi Minh City after their big performance at Coca Cola SoundFest 2012, in Phu Tho Stadium on Saturday April 14th.

Big Bang's visit to StarCity was never disclosed to the public to ensure that the band had time to freshen up and relax before taking their flight out of Ho Chi Minh City. However fans that failed to get a close glimpse of this famous hip hop group at the Phu Tho Stadium, followed the convoy of vehicles with the musicians all the way to the StarCity Saigon Hotel.

Big Bang became famous worldwide with their hip hop and pop songs after they were exposed on the Korean version of MTV. The five members of Big Bang, G.Dragon, T.O.P, Seung Ri, Tae Yang and Dae Sung were the winners of an ultra competitive singing and dancing reality show in Korea, before they reached stardom.

Big Bang, together with international artists Taio Cruz, Tata Young and Kimberly Caldwell were the main performers of the Coca Coca Sound Fest 2012.